Review: Jackson’s Bistro, A Perfect Combination of Atmosphere and Taste

BY: Chelsea McCormick

South Tampa is filled with endless options of restaurants ranging from fine dining steakhouses to fast-food chains.  Among these eateries is Jackson’s Bistro located on Harbour Island.

Jackson’s is known for its Sunday brunch, sushi lunch, dinner entrees and nightlife.  The dinner experience was nothing short of my expectations for the beautiful restaurant.  Its location is right on the water and has stunning views of both downtown and Harbour Island.  The unique flora and hanging curtains set a mood that is surely pleasurable to dine in.

Greeted by two friendly hosts, you are able to choose to sit inside or outside beside the water.  Despite coming into the cooler season, it is still comfortable to sit outside due to the many portable heaters that are conveniently placed around the dining patio.

The large selection of appetizers, soups, salads and entrees provides an option for anyone looking for a fine dinner meal and experience.  The perfectly timed courses allows for the meal to flow entirely.  Cornbread and olive oil are promptly served and is followed soon after with any appetizers or other pre main course items.

The chicken penne pasta dish was combinations of just the right amount of pesto sauce and perfectly grilled chicken.  The pasta entrée was also tossed with broccoli, roma tomato and goat cheese; my request for extra goat cheese was not a problematic request.

The wine selection also provided more than enough options to find a great wine to accompany my meal.

The most significant and positive part of my dining experience at Jackson’s Bistro was beyond my meal.  The service that our server provided was to the utmost degree.  He was friendly and timely with our meal and was available consistently to bring us anything extra that was requested.

As we worked through our meals into the later hours of the night it began to get fairly cool with the wind blowing off the water.  Our server noticed this and proceeded to carry over a second heater to place on the other side of our table.  We were instantly comfortable for the rest of the meal.

With a combination of impeccable service and a deliciously satisfying meal, Jackson’s Bistro is absolutely one of the finer restaurants in the area.  Whether choosing to eat dinner or have a more casual style lunch, the experience and food is sure to please and live up to the positive reputation of the restaurant.


About chelseamccormick

I am a Junior at University of Tampa and studying Advertising and Public Relations.
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