38 Years Later

Since 1974, The University of Tampa has ceased to have a football team. That’s 38 years that the Spartans have derived their school spirit from other sports. Granted, UT doesn’t have the largest amount of school spirit but no football team is going to change that.

Many will argue about the reasoning behind the disbanding of the team: not enough funds, competition with the Buccaneers, etc.

But what does that matter? The team is gone, the chances of it coming back are slim to none, and if school spirit has been lacking for 38 years, then the school should rethink their athletic marketing department.

The school has conference, state, and national championships in several sports and thousands of students attending Midnight Madness, the introduction of the men’s and women’s basketball teams for the upcoming season.

Attendance at the school is at an all time high and the school has even built a new stadium for the lacrosse team and intramural sports. If no one was going to the games, they wouldn’t need a stadium.

The school is doing fine and school spirit can’t be perfect at every school. So they don’t have a football team. They do have a great view of the downtown city and tasty burritos.

What more could you want from college?

Go Spartans.




About laylasouchet

Senior journalism major at the University of Tampa. Loves sports, Italian food and hippos.
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