Teen Mom: Get Rich Scheme

Everyday there is a new reality television show airing, and they seem to be more ridiculous than the last one. From Breaking Omish, Gypsy Weddings, and of course the never ending series of 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom. The glorification of teen pregnancy is something I think MTV should have never became a part of. It’s children having babies and it makes no sense to follow them around with cameras going through their day to day lives. 

The generation that watches MTV majority of the time are teens, so why would you want to show this to them. Some would say that it shows the teens who watch it what could happen and that it’s not glamorous, but I think the opposite. Some of the viewers are just a stupid as the people who agree to be on the show and will think, “Hey, look at this get rich quick scheme.” So. the fact that it’s even being aired on television is only adding to an epidemic that needs to be stopped. Kids should not be having kids.

Not only is the show a waste of money and airtime, but the intelligence of the people on the show isn’t better. You have a child now meaning that although you are only 16 years old it’s time to grow up. You have these parents who let their teenagers who just gave birth go out and party. One of the girls cusses her mother out, smokes weed, and drinks alcohol without thinking twice of having to take care of her new born. Why is this something acceptable to show on television?

It’s NOT! On top of all of this the show is being played on Music Television. When is the last time they have even played music videos? It is filled with nothing but reality shows like, but I won’t go off on a tangent about that because that could take forever.

I just wish that people would realize that theses shows are an insult to your intelligence and watching them is only paying those on the show and the creators more money then they need. 

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