Column- Students voting in Florida: A true double whammy

Florida.  The home of the Republican National Convention.  The battle grounds of heated debates.  The state who’s votes were still lingering days beyond the election.  What else does Florida contain?  The home of 73 state, community and private colleges.

Those 73 institutions equal up to hundreds of thousands of votes.  For most students this was the first presidential election they were eligible to vote in.

In college we are faced with new challenges daily.  Our vote in such a close race and living in a swing state could have been the biggest challenge yet.  So, shouldn’t these students be the most educated?

The truth is a majority of students attending colleges are not educated on the facts.  Young voters can be easily influenced by jumping on bandwagons of celebrities, friends or parents and have no valid reasons why they are making their vote.

My twitter feed blew up about the election with arrogant views and statements.  I took it upon myself to research topics and issues to have some understanding with what was going on.  What I found in my research was that most of my friends and peers had no idea what they were talking about.  They were a part of a bandwagon of a candidate, just to seem involved in such a big election.

I was not ashamed to admit I did not know enough.  I was never taught about these issues and hadn’t faced them in my life yet.  At the same time, I was not embarrassed to ask my parents and professors about what I did not understand.

It makes one think.  Was it these young, first time voters who gave Obama a large amount of the votes in Florida?  He appeals to the younger demographic.  Most students will feed off what others say and create a chain of uneducated young people.

Who’s responsible for this?  Should it have been parents, our high school education or college professors pressing the importance of understanding the issues at hand before choosing a candidate.  Could it be that our elders did not realize we had no idea what most topics were about.

What ever the case may have been all voters should be educated.  Thousands of young voters attending school in a swing state .. a true double whammy.

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