Where is the spirit?

By: Alexa Corea

At large universities around the country, football season gives the student body a chance to unite with one another. Students come together each week to cheer on and celebrate their universities team.

At the University of Tampa school spirit like this doesn’t happen, ever. 

It is hard to decide where to put the blame, is it because the university has a small student body, or is it simply just the location? We may never know the answer to this question, but one way to try and fix this problem is by adding a University of Tampa football team.

With a student body that continues to grow each year the addition of a football team would be beneficial to not only the university, but to the students as well. With pride and recognition Tampa students would finally have the chance to showcase and feel connected to the school.

When walking through the campus it is evident that there is not much Spartan pride; a UT t-shirt may be seen every now and then but that is basically it.

How do you have a school with no student unity?

In 1933 to 1974 UT did have this excitement and pride when they had the University of Tampa Spartans football team, this short-lived organization brought not only the school together but also the city of Tampa.

With the recreation of this team the university would be able to continue increasing their admissions while creating a budget and plan for the football organization.

Instead of more palm trees why not a football team? 

Some may not like the idea of a new competitive team such as the University of South Florida Bulls fans, but a little friendly competition would only bring the schools together creating a devoted student rivalry. 

It is important to stick to UT’s core value of teaching in personalized settings, but if the student body continues to increase as it is now, it is only logical to increase the excitement of the campus.

Go Spartans?

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