Column: Ready or Not, Here Comes Graduation

BY: Chelsea McCormick 

As the month of May approaches, college seniors across the country have one thing on their minds: graduation.

With a nearing graduation for these college students, it brings endless pressures, stresses and job interviews to ensure a step in the right direction with some sort of career.  Granted, not all graduating 22 year olds know the exact direction they want their life to take, but they are still expected to take that leap into the next chapter.

When graduating students are asked what they want to do with their life, they feel expected to rattle off a list of life and career goals that will lie out their future perfectly.  In actuality, inside many of their minds, they may be running around in circles regarding their future and completely fearing walking across that stage to get their diploma in May.

There are absolutely many students who are prepared to take that flawless leap into the “real world,” however there are also students who couldn’t even tell you where they are going to be living the next month.  Everyone is not supposed to have that perfect map to ultimate success set in place.

The pressures that graduating seniors have upon them can pose to be too much for many.  Some students may not even know where to being regarding the inevitable job search.  Expectations from parents and other adults can be held very high after a graduation from a most likely very pricy university.  Many of them do not welcome the idea of “taking a year off to figure things out.”

With expectations and pressures at an all time high for seniors, they can be pushed to make a career or life decision just to say they have something lined up post graduation.  Although every parent wants their child to be as successful as possible after graduation, it might just be too soon to make any big decisions for some.

It may seem like four years is enough time for young adults to figure out their path in life, however some need just a little more time.  College students have their whole lives ahead of them to make some mistakes and also to make some great accomplishments.  However, it’s important to let them find their own direction and create their own map of life.  Walking across the graduation stage should be a wonderful milestone, not a walking of the plank for students that will hopefully find their way…someday.


About chelseamccormick

I am a Junior at University of Tampa and studying Advertising and Public Relations.
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