UT Students Will Give their Vote

BY: Sonny Billotte, Alexa Corea, Alyson Anatra, Brianna Reinsant

Voters all around the country will submit their ballots on Nov. 6, 2012 to elect the next president of the United States. For most students at the University of Tampa this will be their first opportunity to vote in a presidential election.

Danielle Konefal, a senior at UT, was unable to participate in the 2008 election. This year she will be able to participate in her first ever presidential election.

“I have never voted before I was too young to vote in the last election. I’m really excited to vote now though, because I think this is such an important election,” Konefal said.

This election is important for the students at UT because in the next four years students will be graduating and entering the work force. Both President Obama and Governor Romney have their own plans on how to better the economy.

Priscilla Bence, a senior at UT, supports Romneys five point plan because it is proposed to create 12 million new jobs.

“That’s a huge number,” Bence said. “It is a number that should stick out to college students because most of us need to be in that 12 million.”

Rachel Shor, a senior at UT and first-time voter, is also a supporter of Romney.

“I am giving my vote to Romney,” Shor said. “I agree with his stands on the economy and how government should be run; I think smaller government is better for everyone.”

Konefal also believes we need a change. “I had hoped our country would have changed for the better four years ago. We need a big change. America is depending on the next president to change the economy, budgets, health care and foreign policy, it’s crucial.”


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