UT Students Active In 2012 Election

By: Chelsea McCormick, Paola Crespo, Zoe Fowler

Despite the fact that The University of Tampa is ranked #6 on The Princeton Review’s list of top 10 most politically apathetic colleges, several students are registered and looking forward to the 2012 Presidential Elections.

Raquel Sparco, a senior and allied health major, is a registered voter in the state of Florida who plans on voting in November.  This is her first election and she plans on voting as a registered Republican for Governor Mitt Romney.  She has been following the campaigns of both political parties in order to make a sound voter decision.

“I just really want to have a leader that is going to bring our country to a great place for my own future,” Sparco said.  This is the first election campaign that Raquel has followed passionately.

Other students are not directly participating in the election as registered voters in Hillsborough County but are voting through the absentee ballot.    Ashley Erickson, a sophomore and an international business management major, sent in her absentee ballot since she is registered in Sarasota County.

Although Erickson voted for Romney, she is not sure which candidate is right for the job.  “I don’t know if Mitt Romney is the right person either but at least he has business experience and understands how the economy works,” Erickson said.  On the other hand, she stated that Obama has excellent stage presence and she commended him on his ability to get people to listen to what he is saying.

On UT’s campus, students are not necessarily divided as only Democrats and Republicans; there are also Independents among the student body.  Mia Glatter, a junior and journalism major, is registered in Hillsborough County as an Independent.  “I did that because even though I can’t vote in the Primaries, (Florida has closed primaries), I can choose which candidate I want based on what they stand for and not what color tie they wear,” she said.

She plans to vote for Barack Obama because he “is brave enough to tell the world that he believes love can be between any gender of people and that they should be able to marry.”  Glatter is not nervous for her first election; she is looking forward to voting day in November.

These first-time voters demonstrate how some UT students are proactive in the 2012 election.  Whether Democratic, Republican or Independent, voting in the state of Florida or sending in an absentee ballot, students are exercising their right to vote.


About chelseamccormick

I am a Junior at University of Tampa and studying Advertising and Public Relations.
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