The Passionate, the Leaning and the Apathetic

By Anna Brown, Danielle Strejc, Layla Souchet

It’s the night of the final debate and everyone has an opinion. Whether you’re Jessica McCarron, president of the UT Democrats, Katie Yarrows, an Independent who leans towards the Democratic Party or Dion Roberts who would rather play video games than watch the debates, everyone will be affected by the results of the election on Nov. 6.

McCarron, senior and a die-hard supporter of the Democratic Party, strongly encourages students to become politically active on campus. “Politicians ignore our generation because we do not vote. I challenge students to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem,” McCarron said.

For the students at UT, McCarron stated that “together, we can, make our voice heard.”

As a resident of Massachusetts, Yarrows is directly affected by Governor Romney’s education plan. In the 10th grade students take a test called the MCAS. “If you score at a certain level in the 10th grade, then you are automatically eligible to receive free tuition for any in-state public school,” Yarrows explained.

Under Romney’s policies, The University of Massachusetts gave Yarrows $1,700 out of the $26,000 required to attend the school for one year, with no additional financial aid.

“And that’s why Obama has my vote,” Yarrows said.

On the other hand, Roberts isn’t as enthusiastic as McCarron and Yarrows. “Although there are issues, neither of them have the ability to affect or even change [them] for that matter,” said Roberts. “I’m just voting for Obama because he hasn’t pissed me off yet.”

After arguing over what channel to watch, Roberts and his roommates then turned off CNN, grabbed some controllers and began a game of FIFA.

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