One independent’s opinion

By Bri Eveler

Everywhere you look, there are signs that a presidential race is taking place. A poster supporting Obama on the highway, an advertisement bolstering  Romney on television. Some people couldn’t care one way or another who gets elected, but Rai Sampson, sophomore, has a definite opinion.

Sampson isn’t a democrat or a republican; she’s an independent. She decided to be an independent so that she wouldn’t always choose the same side, rather, she can choose who she likes best based on who is running and who has the best ideas. “It’s [also] whoever makes my life better,”Sampson said.

This year, the candidate that she said can make her life better is Barack Obama. “I liked him as our president because he’s relaxed and makes me feel comfortable. Romney is sketchy and I don’t like his ideas about women,” Sampson said. Supporters of Obama agree, as Romney wants to cut funding to Planned Parenthood and he doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to choose when it comes to abortion.

Sampson describes herself as a political person, even though her family wasn’t the same way. “My mom will watch the debates, but she doesn’t go crazy about them. It’s just to educate herself,” said Sampson, who watched the debates as well. “I didn’t like them because they [the candidates] don’t really argue their points well or get to the issues. And I think Romney was mean to Obama!” she said.

Sampson said that the biggest issue our country faces is the financial crisis, the lack of jobs included. She believes that Obama can fix this problem if he gets reelected. “I hate that people make it seem like he does nothing, but he’s done a lot. If Romney gets elected, it will be like starting over.”


About brieveler

Attending Unviersity of Tampa, studying Psychology and Journalism.
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