UT student Mia Glatter will cast her vote on Election Day

By Paola Crespo

Mia Glatter is excited to vote for the first time in the upcoming presidential election. Glatter, 20 and a junior, is registered in Hillsborough County and therefore will not require an absentee ballot from her hometown Melbourne, Fla.

She has been following the campaigns and has enjoyed watching the debates. “It is like watching two kindergartners try to tell their sides of the story about who spilled the paint,” she said.

Glatter will be voting for President Barack Obama despite the fact that she is not a Democrat. “I am registered as an Independent. I did that because even though I can’t vote in the primaries, (Florida has closed primaries) I can choose which candidate I want based on what they stand for and not what color tie they wear,” she said.

She explained she is voting for Obama for two main reasons. “Obama is brave enough to tell the world he believes love can be between any gender of people and that they should be able to marry. Also, Romney has said before that he wants to take away women’s rights to protect themselves sexually which I believe is so wrong. Those two issues are very important to me.”

Asked if she was anxious about the results on Election Day, Glatter said, “I don’t think I’m too worried about who will win because the country is not going to fall apart either way.”

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