The new Senior Senator


Upon beginning his senior year at the University of Tampa, Bryan Katzman a sports medicine major, felt as if throughout his college years he did not take advantage of all the university had to offer, he new he had to make a change and becoming Senior Senator would do the trick.

Katzman, 21, never joined any clubs, never went to school events, and barley even ate in the school cafeteria, he went about his own business attending classes and hanging out with friends. That was until one day a family friend asked him, “what was your greatest accomplishment in college?” to that Katzman had no response. It may have been this small conversation or it may have been his own feelings but something drove Katzman to make a change.

Katzman a native of Harrington Park, N.J. has since then taken on multiple roles in his new position as Senior Senator for the Student Government. According to the Student Government constitution, Katzman is responsible for, “the due consideration and ethical vote of all matters of business placed before the student senate.”

“My job is basically to approve appropriations for student organizations on campus while working with the school budget,” Katzman said with a casual shrug of the shoulder.

Born in Lennox Hill Hospital in New York on Aug. 27, 1991, Katzman always thought he was going to grow up to be an actor.

“I was at camp one day and a recruiter came and picked me out, I went and auditioned to be the child in Step Mom but I didn’t get the role, I couldn’t read well. That was basically the end to my big dream,” Katzman said.

Although his acting dream was crushed at a young age, Katzman decided to move on and become a volunteer in his hometown. He worked at a disabled youth camp and even won the School Caring Award.

Katzman continued being an influence in his community and Northern Valley Regional High School, gaining recognition in soccer, baseball, academics, and student government. Katzman said that when coming to college he wanted to continue to be involved maybe join a fraternity or some student organizations.

Four years later as a senior none of these ideas were put to action, Katzman never joined a fraternity and never joined a student organization; until just days before the Student Government election Katzman decided he was going to make a change, he decided to run for Student Senator.

His roommate Alex Granoff was very surprised with this idea.

“I was shocked when he told me, Katz is someone who likes to have a good time, this would be quite the transformation,” Granoff said with a laugh.

Even Katzman’s mother, Lori Falk Katzman, was both surprised and proud.

“From a boy who would drink Shirley temples till he threw up, to the Senior Senator, I am very proud that he is making important decisions, I know he will use his good judgment to make great choices,” Katzman’s mother said.

Today 2 months into his position Katzman loves the job he is doing.

“Its awesome I always wanted to get involved more with the school especially cause its my senior year and this is the perfect opportunity. I get to hear about the budget and all organizations around campus. Student government is a great organization to be apart of,” Katzman said.

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