Student Scarlet

By: Brooke Beall

The clock is ticking getting closer to Midnight Madness and Jordan Maltese is getting ready for the moments she lives for. She is primping her hair and touching up her make-up while reminding her roommates to vote for the Spartan Scarlets via Twitter. She will be leading her team in a performance and hopes to dance her way to a win in Tampa’s Got Talent. “It’s going to be a fun performance, I love to dance and every opportunity I have to I treat it like my last,” Maltese said.

Maltese has been dancing since age 3. “Once we got her in dance lessons we knew she would be doing it for the rest of her life,” said Barbie Maltese, Jordan’s mother. At the University of Tampa she has choreographed two dances in a showcase called Dance Happening. Next week Oct. 24-27, the Fall Dance Happenings will be featuring her third choreographed dance as an undergraduate.

As a Marine Biology major dancing is not something she gets in her regular schedule. A full-time student with a part-time job and internship, member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, and a part of the dance team Spartan Scarlets, she is sacrificing her little bit of free time to work on the Dance Happenings.

“It’s what I’m good at and I enjoy doing it. If I could turn all of my schoolwork into dance moves it would be a piece of cake,” Jordan said.

“This time of year is always hectic for Jordan. We barely even get to see her with her busy schedule,” said her roommate, Michelle De La Lastra. “Being one of her dancers, it is an advantage to have her as a roommate though.”

Maltese loves her dances to be high intensity so having her as a roommate helps for extra practices in the room. “There are times where they are up all night practicing different routines,” said Ashley Landy, Maltese’s other roommate.

Spending time with Maltese the reporter learned that besides all of this she is just a fun, silly girl. Her and her roommates have inside jokes to last a lifetime from what came across in the time spent with them.

“I remember when I first met Jordan my freshman year,” Landy said. “She would dance all the time and I would think yeah right this girl can’t be serious she has no rhythm.”

Landy said it wasn’t until she saw Maltese in her first Dance Happenings performance that she finally believe the hype. “This girl could dance!”

“Don’t let her kindness fool you though, she can definitely be a bitch,” Barbie Maltese said.

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