President in pearls

By Bri Eveler


The girls are dressed up in skirts, blouses, heels and strings of pearls. They stand outside of Reeves Theater, waiting to go into their weekly meeting. They are the women of Alpha Chi Omega (AXΩ) and leading them all is Justine Schrader, the president of the Gamma Pi chapter.

As a senior, Schrader is pretty busy. Besides being the president of AXΩ,she is a full-time student and has an internship at the United Soccer League. She devotes at least ten hours a week to her sorority, but this could increase to twenty-five hours when a special event is planned. “I feel like I handle it all okay. I know that everything I’m doing will only benefit me in the future,” said Schrader.

Schrader has been involved in Alpha Chi Omega for some time now. Before becoming president, she was on multiple committees and ended up being the Vice President for Risk Management. “Being president was a natural progression,” said Schrader. She also said that being president has helped her in other aspects of her life by preparing her for leadership roles. Her list of responsibilities is lengthy, and includes overseeing her own executive board, as well as all the other boards in Alpha Chi Omega. She runs all weekly meetings and acts as liaison between her chapter and the university as well as the national headquarters.

“My favorite thing [about being president] would definitely be being able to travel to our national events, like our National Convention that was held in St. Louis in July,” said Schrader. “[But] my least favorite thing would be the couple of times when I had to give my chapter or exec. board bad news. But I always try to turn it into something positive.”

Schrader lives off campus with her roommate Devan Osborn who is also a sister of Alpha Chi Omega.  “I think Justine is a fantastic president, and I don’t just say this because I’m her friend, but because it is the truth,” said Osborn, finance major. “She spends so much time and effort on Alpha Chi and people don’t realize this. Justine is a great leader.”

Schrader isn’t just the president of Alpha Chi Omega, though. She’s also just a college girl who needs to have fun every once in awhile. Brigitte Uribe, sophomore, and another sister in AXΩ is close with her. “Our favorite thing to do is have a movie night and snuggle,” said Uribe. “She’s kind, funny and loving.” Osborn feels the same way. “My favorite thing about our friendship is always coming home and having a caring friend to talk to,” she said. “I don’t know what I would do without her.”


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Attending Unviersity of Tampa, studying Psychology and Journalism.
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