A Born Leader

With a stern look into the audience the room goes silent.  There was no gavel pounded down, no yelling, no hush sounds.  Just a look.

That’s all it took for Delta Gamma president Macie Marchetti to begin her meetings.  Marchetti is used to getting the attention of a room.  Since her presidency began in Dec. 2011, she has had to look over a group of 100 young women.

Controlling over 100 college women is not an easy task, and Marchetti has to set an example for the rest to follow.

Marchetti gets everything done “the right way,” said Helen Sacco, a current member of Delta Gamma.  “The sweetest person you could ever possibly meet.  She is the type of person who would go out of her way to do anything for you.”

Leadership is a familiar position for Marchetti.  At her high school in Cranston, RI she was involved in several different organizations.  She was a leader in class and student council, but Marchetti said there is no role like being president of Delta Gamma.

“I’m accountable and have good communication skills.  That definitely makes the job a lot easier,” Marchetti said. “It wasn’t those skills that led me to be president though.  I was influenced by my sorority sisters who thought I had the personality and mindset.”

Marchetti did not drill off a list of achievements she has made over the years. “It is better to hear word of mouth and sisters verbally telling me I am doing a good job,” she said.

Jenna Fitzsimmons, long time best friend of Marchetti, was not shy about flaunting Marchetti’s success. “Macie has always been an over achiever. She was top 10% of her class, and was always someone to look up to,” Fitzsimmons said.

Marchetti will switch gears in the future by watching over high school students rather than college women.  She plans on teaching ninth grade.

“She will be an absolute phenomenal teacher.  She loves to be so creative and all she does is put 110% effort into every little thing she does,” said Fitzsimmons. “As much as it’s a learning experience it’s fun, because of how she does it.”

Marchetti is focused on finishing her presidency strong before she passes on her title to another member in December.

“I did not do this as a resume builder,” Marchetti said.  “I took on this role because of the love for my sisters.  The love for Delta Gamma.”

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