The Leader of Student Organization’s Leaders

By Chelsea McCormick

Tucked in between all of the hungry students and resident housing in the Vaughn Center on University of Tampa’s campus is the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, better known as OSLE.  This office is the second home of Ali Mathe, UT’s Coordinator of Leadership.

Mathe’s position is comprised of much involvement with students ranging from first semester freshman all the way up to graduating seniors.

On a day-to-day basis Mathe is in OSLE meeting with student organization leaders, organizing leadership retreats and generally advising all student organizations.

Every fall and spring there is two overnight leadership retreats held that Mathe organizes called Relevant. It is mandatory that every group sends a certain percentage of members in order to participate and gain skills about how to be a great student leader within their organization.  Her passion for organizing such events demonstrates Mathe’s desire to take her position to the next level outside of her OSLE office.

Vanessa Phomsaly, a member of the Elite Leadership Program, also works closely with Mathe.  “I was a mentor for the fall Relevant retreat and worked closely with Ali to engage the student leaders that attended,” Phomsaly said.  “We did a lot of team building activities and Ali’s passion for leadership seriously comes out when she is facilitating these events.”

Some of Mathe’s more focused student leadership organizations that she works with are fraternities and sororities.  She organizes leadership programs and is essentially the bridge between many of these organization’s leaders and the University.

Victoria Caniano, vice president of Sigma Delta Tau, meets weekly with Mathe in order to keep her organization on track.  “Ali and I talk for about an hour every week in her office,” Caniano said.  “I keep her up to date on what our organization is doing on campus or if we are having any issues.”

The range of Ali’s responsibilities and involvement has a broad range.  Her day does not come to an end when she walks out of OSLE at 5 in the evening.  She is willing to work with organizations outside of normal school hours.

Rachelle Laurent, the leader of a small volunteer organization on campus said, “You can really tell that Ali cares not only about her actual job in OSLE but that she really wants to make a difference in the community and with the students that she works with.”

Ali can usually be seen running around the second floor of Vaughn Center chatting with students about involvement on campus and their organization as a whole.

Mathe’s also keeps the student organization suite organized, files proper paperwork for organizations and makes sure they are all properly registered.

Ali Mathe said, “I love my job and I love that I can engage so closely with the students.  I put my everything into my job, not only because I have to, but because I truly want the students to have an amazing college experience.”


About chelseamccormick

I am a Junior at University of Tampa and studying Advertising and Public Relations.
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