UT’s one and only radio station seeks new talent

by Sonny Billote

A small studio in North Walker 133 is home to radio station WUTT, which provides entertainment and opportunity for students.

Jan-Michael Archer, general manager of the station, explained that WUTT has the freedom over large schools to broadcast a wide range of topics.

“We let everyone just do their own thing and go with the flow,” said the senior biology major. “We’ve got shows about sex, we’ve got shows about sports, we’ve got shows about politics, we’ve got tons of music shows; different genres, and celebrity tabloid type shows.”

Becoming a member of the radio station is very easy, and the station is willing to take on anyone who is interested. Prospective volunteers are required to attend meetings held every Thursday at 7 p.m. in 123 North Walker and choose the time slot for which you are interested in doing your show.

There are also tech positions and spots open on the executive board for people who would rather stay behind the mic.

Currently, the station has more than 20 shows that air throughout the week, but more people are always welcome. They also have managerial positions that can be filled. Archer is currently doing the secretarial work on top of being the general manager; a lot of work for one person, but Archer says “it’s a labor of love.”

No prior knowledge of working for a radio show is necessary.

“Just go through training; we teach you how to do whatever you want to do for whatever position you want and then just run your show, stick to the FCC guidelines and our own UT radio policy and you’re good,” Archer said.

Originally a student was able to earn credits for a COM 250 class through working at the radio station. However, the class has been taken off the catalog and the station is now just a club, not offering any credits.

“Anything that happens on campus, we want to be involved in,” Archer said. “Over the years we’ve been super involved on campus. Each semester we do one big event.”

Coming up in November the station will cover WUTT-A-PALOOZA, a concert held in Vaughn courtyard which they do every year, and in the spring they do King Fest, a memorial concert for one of the DJs who passed away.

One of WUTT’s main goals this year is promotions. They are not permitted to put up signs of any kind around campus and are working with facilities and President Vaughn in regards to putting up their logo places. Until then, they are relying on word of mouth.

Whether you are interested in becoming a member of the station or just looking for mere entertainment and information on campus events, tune into WUTT at AM 1080 or campus cable Channel 95, running 24/7.


About sonnybillotte

I am a Journalism major in my Junior year at the University of Tampa. I am from Scituate, Massachusetts.
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