Service clubs hoping to become more popular on campus

by Bri Eveler

There are many clubs on campus, geared toward attracting all different students and getting them to join. Clubs are an opportunity to expand students’ knowledge, allow them to meet new people and let them enjoy the things they love to do. Service clubs focus on volunteering for the community.

One such club is the Circle K International club. Sophomore Nasthalia Casimir said the club aims “to complete as many service hours as we can in the semester and to give back to our community.”

Currently, the club is working with Feeding America, an organization that works to give food to those in need. “We are going to package food, sort food, stock shelves or pack grocery bags,” Casimir said.

But the Circle K club isn’t all about work. “We also have socials that are for getting to know each other and getting to know [other clubs at] other universities,” Casimir said.

She also explained why a new member should consider joining the club: “I just think that our club is great. It looks good on your resume, you get to meet a lot of people, we do a lot of stuff with international students … and it’s fun!”

Chloe Knowling is president of another service club, Rotoract, which she started just this semester. ” I start[ed] this club because all through high school I was involved with Interact and missed it. So I went to the local Rotary club and asked if they had a rotaract chapter in the community and they didn’t. So that’s how that happened,” Knowling said.

She has high hopes for the new club and really wants to give back to her community. “I want to have a volunteer opportunity, a community project and a school project once a month. This is me being a little ambitious,” she said.

Her goal for the club is to give everyone an opportunity to do good things for the community and have fun at the same time. She hopes that her role as president is making this goal a reality. Lastly, Knowling added, “If you are interested in service and having a fun time while doing it come check us out on Mondays at 8 p.m. in Vaughn 214!”

For more information on service clubs at the University of Tampa, go to


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