UT Student Productions searching for Party in the Park performer

By Chelsea McCormick

A popular top 40 artist puts on an concert every year in Plant Park at the University of Tampa.  In the spring semester, UT has a tradition of holding a concert event called Party in the Park.

Student Productions organizes the event. Months of surveying, planning and contracts go into selecting the perfect artist for UT’s concert. 

Recently, the survey about potential featured artists was made available on Blackboard.  Students log on to their Blackboard page and then can click on a tab that directs them to a page specific to the spring concert. On the survey, students can choose the genre of music they would be most interested in and then select from a list of potential artists.

Kristen Mathe is in her third year as music chairwoman for Student Productions. She chooses a board of about 10-12 students who help her plan the event.  Mathe’s planning begins within the first couple weeks of fall semester. 

She said, “I get in touch with our middle agent, who works as a kind of middle man between artist agents and schools.”

After communicating with the agent, Mathe compares Student Production’s budget with the prices of various artists.  From that comparison, she then chooses several artists to put on the Blackboard survey.

“I try and choose artists from every different genre, who have songs that are popular now, or have been popular pretty recently,” Mathe said.

Mathe said it is important for Student Productions to work out all logistics so that the featured artist remains happy and the UT student body is satisfied with the artist.

No date has been released for the spring 2013 concert, but the show is typically held in late April.


About chelseamccormick

I am a Junior at University of Tampa and studying Advertising and Public Relations.
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