UT club seeks advertising and PR majors

By Anna Brown

After years of their clubs being dormant, advertising and public relations students are putting their skills to the test to reignite interest in the organizations.

Tampa Ad Connection and Tampa Spotlight PR are open for AD/PR majors. But the clubs have suffered from a lack of interest.

“I have heard nothing about either of these clubs nor have I seen any sort of advertisement to join or promote speakers and events,” said Communications major Patrick Lynch.

Classmate Jasmine Bienvenue is working to change that. Back in the spring, she became president-elect for the Spotlight PR club. She has taken the initiative to reinstate the advertising club and merge it with the Spotlight PR club.

This new club will be a student-run ad agency. Bienvenue will hold the position of president. Professors Mia Long Anderson and Gracieli Scremin will advise the advertising section of the club and Professor Beth Eschenfelder will advise the public relations part. With enough interest, Bienvenue said, a PR major will assume the role of public relations president.

Only AD/PR majors will make up the group. There are opportunities for copywriters, graphic designers, web designers and even marketing positions.

“There will be an executive board of the ad agency, this will consist of: a creative head, a copywriter, an account executive and possibly a PR focus, depending on demand and what the clients want,” Bienvenue said.

There will be three teams consisting of three students. Each team will have a graphics and copyright person (in charge of making the actual ads) and a student who focuses on the PR and marketing portion (dealing with research).

The club will begin experimenting with on-campus organizations and build clients within the school. The goal is to eventually reach out to local businesses once there is established success on UT’s campus.

Chelsea Reichert said she felt a little threatened when she heard about this new club. She handles public relations for Campus Rec.

“This could potentially affect my position as promotions representative,” Reichert said. “Why would they pay me when they could just have the club do it?”

The club will hold its first interest meeting on Thursday, Sept. 27 in Cass Building, Room 200 at 9 p.m.

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