Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority hosts Social Suicide

By Brooke Beall

Jamaal Fleming left a recent “Social Suicide” program on campus thinking he needed to reevaluate what he puts onto social media sites. The event explored the effects social media has on personal relationships and covered topics including sexting and tweeting subliminal messages.

“I never realized that peers or significant others paid such close attention to what I was saying on my social media sites,” said Fleming, a sophomore. “I definitely rethink putting certain statuses up now.”

The women of Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority hosted the event on Sept. 19. Audience members ranged from freshmen to recent graduates.

Sophomore Leprix Robinson was on the panel and said social media does affect relationships.

“I think that before going into relationships you need to have a conversation on where you want the relationship to go and what each others views on social media are the do’s and dont’s,” she said.

Panelist Mark Davis, a UT graduate, argued that relationship problems caused by social media reveal insecurities.

“Only insecure people would get upset over something they see on a social media site,” he said, drawing a negative response from some females in the audience and on the panel.

“If you saw your significant other flirting on social media or talking about meeting up with someone else you know it would upset you,” said Yolanda Gee, a panelist and adviser of Sigma Lambda Gamma. “Men just try to put double standards on women because we are the ones who speak on the situation more.”

This caused a debate throughout the entire room, causing host Michelle Buechler to move onto another discussion topic before it got too rowdy.

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