Relay for Life aims to cure cancer one lap at a time

By Layla Souchet

Every year across the world, schools, clubs, organizations and sports teams participate in an event called Relay For Life.

All throughout the night, members of teams walk around a track or field. At these events, teams set up tents, booths and games for people who are walking to participate in. In the weeks prior, teams fundraise and all proceeds go to cancer research.

At the University of Tampa, the annual Relay For Life brings together clubs and organizations from every part of the school for this event while the Relay committee works hard yearround to make the event a success.

At last year’s relay, organizations sold cupcakes and pizza, while others would people would pay the Phi Mu Alpha fraternity to attack their friends with water balloons and water guns.

Junior Nick Sauvan serves as team development chairman for UT. He said preparations are already underway for the April 12 relay.

“We already had a meeting earlier this month to begin planning for the event,” he said. “Several people came by who were interested in helping us plan, while groups of clubs and Greek life came looking for information.

“By starting earlier in the year, we hope to work out the kinks we experienced last year and raise even more money,” he said.

The hardest part is keeping track of the teams.

“We have to make sure that the teams are fundraising and keeping on top of things,” Sauvan said.

“The committee has to approve theme ideas for the event, as well as activities that the teams want to do at their booths. It’s all worth it though. The money goes to a great research foundation and to encourage the teams, we even give a prize (during the event) to the team that raised the most money.”


About laylasouchet

Senior journalism major at the University of Tampa. Loves sports, Italian food and hippos.
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