Mirror Image wants UT students to love the way they look

By Ashley James

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you satisfied with your image? Would you like to join an organization that doesn’t care about how thick or thin you are?

Mirror Image is a new UT student organization started this year. It is an organization that wants to “promote positive body image throughout campus,” said club president Emily Guynn, a sophomore.

The psychology major started as a member of Mirror Image last spring. She and vice president Kate Maier wanted to see their organization carry on and hope to gain more members beyond their current count of six.

Guynn and Maier have already started planning different events, starting with the Love Your Body Day on Oct. 17.

“It’s like a day of silence but for body image,” said Maier, a sophomore majoring in exercise science. They plan on getting people to sign up for the event and also get people from around the Tampa Bay area to sponsor the organization and help raise money.

Mirror Image also wants to raise awareness on disorders such as anorexia and bulimia to the UT community. They plan on finding a charity that deals with anorexia, bulimia or obesity and the proceeds from their events will go to that charity.

“Anyone can join,” Guynn said. “There are no dues.”

Guynn said everyone can relate to Mirror Image and what they’re trying to do for students. “Look in the mirror, accept what you can’t change and learn to love it,” Maier said. They want to make a positive change on how people see themselves and let people know that you should love yourself for who you are.

The first official meeting will be held in October before the Love Your Body Day. They will be putting up signs and posters around campus and in the Plant Hall lobby.

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