One Memory of 9/11

By Bri Eveler

Savannah Manning, sophomore, could recall September 11, 2001 with a little clarity. Although she was one of the lucky ones who did not lose any friends or relatives on that fateful day, she still remembered a few vivid details.

At an elementary school in Tampa, Manning was in third grade. She brought to mind the fact that everyone was getting signed out that day, and how she and her twin sister, Santana Manning, were getting excited about it. “It was weird but kinda cool because I wanted to go home too,” she said.

However, Manning was not to be signed out that day. She and her sister got called to the office, along with a lot of other kids. The two spoke to their mother, who was stuck at work, on the phone. Their mother explained to them what had happened and why kids were getting signed out, and said that she would be picking them up and the two would not have to go to after school care that day. “[She told us] to tell our teacher what had happened since no teacher knew yet,” said Manning.

In the aftermath, Manning reacted just as most kids her age would have, and showed little interest in the event. “I didn’t really understand the affect it had. I knew people died and that was sad but as far as terrorism went I didn’t understand that at all,” said Manning.


About brieveler

Attending Unviersity of Tampa, studying Psychology and Journalism.
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