A Day To Remember

By Ashley James

Yesterday marked the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attack in New York City. People across the United States watched as the World Trade Center was crashed into and destroyed on September 11, 2001.

Rohan Trench, 19, from Boston, Mass. was in third grade when this event happened. He remembered his teacher having the class stay late as they watched everything that was happening on TV.

“I was so confused, all I remember was dust on the TV,” said Trench.

Trench didn’t know anyone in New York which was why he said it didn’t affect him much. He did not realize the impact it had until one of his close friends lost a family member on one of the planes that crashed into the buildings.

At his school, they cancelled classes for the day to pray for the victims and students who were affected by the tragedy.

“I went to a Catholic, private school so they had us go into the gym and we had a moment of silence and prayed for those who lost their loved ones,” said Trench

He also remembered his parents trying to talk to him about what happened but as Trench remembers it, his “Parents talked about it as a strategy.” With everything that was happening Trench was only worried about himself.

“I was worried if it was going to happen in Boston,” said Trench

It took Trench a while to feel comfortable about the terrorist attack that took place. He said it took him up until the 9th grade.

Today Trench realizes how significant 9/11 is and he supports his friends who did lose someone on that day.

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