Remembering September 11

Gone, but never forgotten.  The 11th anniversary of September 11th brought back unforgettable memories of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.  Whether directly affected by someone passing in the attacks or having memories of that day, people were mourning the tragedy.

September 11th affected people in different ways.  Most students at the University of Tampa were in grade school, but can still remember the events of that day.

Sara Raposa said, “I was in fifth grade.  I was in the library when we found out about the attacks.  They wheeled in a T.V for us all to watch, and I remember thinking, I have to watch this because it might be the only chance I get to see it.”

Students who lived in the area remember September 11th a little differently.  Painful memories surfaced as they thought back to that day.

Jaclyn Francis lives right outside of New York City and yesterday triggered emotional flashbacks.  Francis said, “My dad was in the building across the street when it happened.  He watched from the rooftop.  It reminded me of how I would feel if my dad died.  It brought me back to bad memories.”

Even students who were not directly affected by a loss from 9/11 felt the pain of the victims and their families.

Emily Oakes said, “I’m not from around New York City and never had a close friend or family go to war because of 9/11, but watching the victims on T.V. yesterday made me feel like I did.  I can’t imagine the pain they’ve been through and the anger they must feel.”

The new World Trade Center is now in the process of being built.  Every day brings new progress for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.  The rebuild honors the past and delivers on the promise of a rebuilt World Trade Center.


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