9/11 Where Were You?

Although 11 years ago Sept. 11, 2001 will be a day no American will forget. It was as if watching something right out of a movie. Many students were in elementary school when the attacks occurred, but it is a vivid memory.

International student Michelle De La Lastra said, “I was watching documentaries with my roommates last night about Sept. 11th and it was the first time I saw video of the attacks.”

De La Lastra is from Panama and in her country it was just like any other news for them. “They just said that the U.S. had been attacked and that it was said to be Osama Bin Laden, but that was all,” said De La Lastra.

Ashley Landy had a different experience she was only ten years old and just wanted to know why everyone else was getting to go home, but not her.

“Our teacher didn’t tell us what was going on for a while students just kept getting called to the office to go home,” said Landy. It wasn’t until majority of the class was gone that her teacher explained what was happening and that was when her mother arrived.

The effects of Sept. 11th still harbors feelings that many would probably like to forget, but it’s a part of history. In years to come when your kids or grandkids ask about Sept 11th will you remember where you were?


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