University of Tampa students are affected by the RNC

by Bri Eveler

With the Republican National Convention (RNC) acting as a backdrop to the new school year at the University of Tampa, many students have had to deal with the issues that come along with such a hectic event. Some students also saw this as an opportunity to expand their horizons.

“I’m not a Republican, what do I care about politics?” Ashlynn Hubert, a senior, expresses the opinion that a lot of students seem to share. But political or not, most students on campus had to deal with some sort of hassle due to the RNC.

Commuters like Victoria Caniano, who lives on Harbor Island, says “It is hard getting to and from my house, and there are helicopters flying all over the place all the time!” Even students who are not commuters had to deal with the downside of heavy traffic.  Lisa Aquilino, a sophomore, explains how the RNC has limited her weekend plans. “Instead of doing some things off-campus with my friends that can drive, I’m choosing to stay on-campus because of all the traffic and commotion.”

Student’s campus-wide had to cope with the inconvenience of heightened security. Chanelle Cox, a senior, has had to show ID to security guards that she feels should recognize her. “I’ve been stopped and I’ve had to show my ID card and they know who I am, so I think if anything, it’s a nuisance to have the lanyards” she says. Not only are the lanyards annoying, but many students agree that the security guards are also an inconvenience, as well as being intimidating. “We pay money to attend this school and constantly being questioned while walking through campus to see if we should be here is an uncomfortable feeling” says Rachel Shor, a senior.

Although the RNC has been mostly a week-long hassle, some students find that is was more of a positive thing. Trevor Igoe got the unique experience to be an intern at the RNC and says “I’m very into politics so it’s just cool to see how everything goes down with the actual convention.” He’s also seen a few famous people and says, “Everyone is really nice and willing to take pictures surprisingly! The RNC has seriously been a great time and experience.” Danny Venter, a senior, thinks that the RNC “is definitely a cool experience for everyone that lives in Tampa and for all the students at the University of Tampa. It’s not something everyone gets to see.”


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Attending Unviersity of Tampa, studying Psychology and Journalism.
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