The RNC Impacts Students’ Life at UT

By Zoe Fowler

The Republican National Convention (RNC) held in Tampa caused a string of inconveniences at the University of Tampa such as developing safety strategies, traffic delays, cancelled classes and sleep disturbances.

Some UT students’ schedule came to a halt when their professors decided to cancel their classes due to their inability to be on campus. Instead, they had to use the online tool Blackboard to complete their work.

Sorority members also had to deal with scheduling conflicts. Senior Jaclyn Francis tried reserving rooms for events, but they were unavailable.

“It really caused a problem because we had to push everything back a week, and couldn’t get things done on schedule,” said Francis.

To ensure that outsiders didn’t wander on campus, students and faculty at UT were required to wear bright-colored lanyards with their ID in a clear case.

However, some people were skeptical as to how effective this tactic will prove to be.

“We can’t really identify who goes here. They can always make fake IDs,” said sophomore and biology major Cassandra Marshall.

However, the lanyards weren’t UT’s only means of safety. The security guards were a frequent presence on campus. Two officers stood in front of Vaughn, while others played night guard.

Security wasn’t the only concern for UT students and faculty.

Victoria Caniano is a resident of Harbour Island. Due to the major press that the RNC has brought to Tampa, Caniano had to obtain a special pass to get into her neighborhood.

“The overall heightened security because of the RNC is pretty much the biggest change. It just adds a whole other process to my normal daily routine,” said Caniano.

In addition, the nightclub hosted for the delegates interrupted much needed sleep for the students living at the Boathouse.

Freshman and theatre major Alex Lashbrook claimed that it sometimes kept him up at night.

However, not all students felt that the RNC affected them in a major way. Their classes weren’t cancelled and they didn’t have to deal with bumper-to-bumper traffic.

One student even managed to get an internship, giving him real-life experience and something to add to his resume.

Trevor Igoe interned with MSNBC at the RNC. Igoe had the opportunity to meet famous reporters and to experience something he wouldn’t have experienced if he hadn’t taken the internship.

The RNC has left Tampa. Everyone can now go back to their daily schedules and life as a student at UT.


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