The mixed reactions to RNC.

For University of Tampa students the 2012 school year has finally begun, but this year there were some slight changes due to the Republican National Convention being in town.

From Aug. 27th to Aug. 30th the Republican National Convention moved into downtown Tampa, bringing an entourage of security, delegates, and viewers. This was no challenge to the city of Tampa who acted promptly to insure the safety of students and residents.

Although the increased amount of security, roadblocks, and checkpoints may have seemed like an inconvenience, the city of Tampa wanted to take all possible steps to secure those visiting and those living in the area.

Students and commuters alike felt the impact of the convention being in town. Dejon Prade a junior at the university explained that the convention was nothing but a hassle to him.

“I find it more difficult to get to my classes now because of all the traffic that goes through school, RNC has been nothing but a distraction” Prade said.

The University of Tampa made sure that no outsider would be able to enter the school grounds by requiring students to wear green lanyards at all times. These lanyards although a safety precaution, ended up being irritating and annoying to most.

Brooke Maute a senior at the university complained about her experience with the lanyards.

“Getting on campus one day was a hassle. I live off campus and realized I didn’t have my school ID half way there. I had to turn around because I was worried they wouldn’t let me on campus” Maute stated.

Despite the security and travel issues the Republican National Convention lead to an increase in media attention for the area.

Lauren Lucan a student at the University of Tampa and a resident of a downtown Tampa apartment feels as if the Republican National Convention has brought about a positive change to the city.

“Tampa was definitely a lot more lively and crowded which was nice to experience in a growing city, RNC attracted a lot more people here leading to more attention and commercial/marketing opportunities for the city, which will be beneficial in the near future” said Luchan. 

With this large event-taking place in the city of Tampa, residents, students, and visitors were able to take part in a historic event that may have brought about positive changes for the future. These changes may not only be for the city but for the school as well. 

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