Elephants vs. Spartans

By Anna Brown

The Republican National Convention (RNC) made its first appearance in Tampa, Fl from August 27th to the 30th. The University of Tampa (UT) (located only blocks away from where the RNC was held) and its students were prepared for the worst and the best the convention had to offer.

The RNC was expected to bring traffic, protestors, and plenty of headaches. It also happened to be the first week of classes for UT. This timing brought many issues for professors, students, and commuters.

The University of Tampa upped its security and required students to wear vibrant green lanyards and were to always have their I.D.s on them. When asked if the green lanyards were useful and enhanced security, senior, Jaclyn Francis questioned, “Did the green lanyards even help? I didn’t wear mine the entire week, and never had a problem.”

Having your I.D. on the other hand seemed to be enforced more than the lanyards. Brooke Maute, a senior at UT who lives off campus stated that, “Getting on campus one day was a hassle. I live off campus and realized I didn’t have my school I.D. half way there. I had to turn around because I was worried they wouldn’t let me on campus.”

Mixed feelings about security rolled over into traffic also. Senior, Jennifer Fink was very distressed about the obstacles the RNC has brought to her first week back at UT, “All of my classes have been cancelled. It took me an hour to drive here for work on North Blvd. from Bayshore. I’ve had to leave earlier from home to get here on time.”

Professor Audrey Colombe on the other hand was baffled by the lack of traffic, “Where’s the traffic I was promised?”

Many students, like professor Colombe, were frustrated by how much the RNC was hyped up. Chadi Hamadan a senior claimed that he wasn’t affected at all by the RNC, “Honestly it didn’t affect me that much. None of my classes got cancelled. I live on campus. I didn’t get into that much traffic. Basically, it was far less, it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be I would say.”

Mixed reactions from students and professors proved the RNC to be a hassle but at times just like a regular day in Tampa Bay. It either affected you or it didn’t.

The Republicans have come and whether we noticed it or not, we were all part of a significant piece of history!


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