The RNC’s Impact On UT Students

By Ashley James

The first week of school was hectic for most students this year at the University of Tampa. Instead of the usual frustrations of wondering where classes were, this year they also had to deal with the RNC as well.

For one particular student, Trevor Igoe, the RNC was an opportunity to get some real world experience. Igoe interned with MSNBC for the RNC and he enjoyed himself greatly.

“The RNC has seriously been a great time and experience” said Igoe.

The RNC was also the topic of many classes. Fedra Cortines, a junior marketing major at UT, said that professors, specifically in her Finance and Marketing classes, used the RNC for assignments.

Being an international student, the RNC was a new experience for Cortines. Originally from Dominican Republic, she had never experienced an event like this before coming to Tampa. The only thing that did annoy Cortines, among other students, was remembering to wear the lime green lanyard every time on campus.

The green lanyards were provided to students so the guards on campus would know that they were from UT. Students were to wear them around their necks with their student ID attached to it.

Although some students, like Igoe and Cortines, enjoyed having the RNC in town, it showed to be an inconvenience for commuters.

Chanelle Cox, a senior nursing major, had strong feelings about the RNC. “It irritates me. I find it irksome that our tax dollars are going to pay for theses ridiculous conventions” said Cox.

“For people who are commuting, it’s taking hours” stated Cox. She also mentioned that whoever was in charge of the RNC should have delayed the convention by a week. “That would have been safer and more convenient for students” said Cox.

Another student, Kenneth Ostermann, a senior at UT shared some of Cox’s frustrations. “This convention has been more of an inconvenience then the damn hurricane” stated Ostermann. “Getting out of my parking garage takes ten minutes alone.”

Even with the inconvenience of the RNC, students were able to see the positive side of having the convention in town. Lauren Lucan a student at UT felt that the “RNC attracted a lot more people here leading to more attention and commercial [or] marketing opportunities for the city.”

With the RNC being over, students both on campus and commuters can now get back to doing their daily routines.

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