Behind the Scenes

When making a television show, people tend to focus on the star or stars of the show instead of the masterminds behind the operation. Workers, such as the writers, producers, and even crew members, occasionally get left behind when it comes to gratitude and recognition. Once in a while, you might get lucky and learn a thing or two from the lesser known staff.
Sitting behind the scenes of The Daily Show while it filmed in Tampa were three camera guys taking a break before filming began. Although two had to leave for a quick staff meeting, the one that remained had plenty to say about his line of work and the people he encounters. The crew member, who wished to remain anonymous, explained how he hails from New Jersey, along with most of the other crew members. He then went on to explain the crew’s pay situations. “They [the other crew members] normally work for The Daily Show in particular… These guys aren’t on the payroll but they’re there every day. So it’s like ‘permalance’.” ‘Permalance’ makes his freelance situation less permanent.
Fans know that John Stewart pokes fun at everything and everyone, but sometimes even the camera guys are out of the loop. When asked if he had an opinion on Stewart poking fun at Tampa during his RNC stay, the anonymous crew member had no shame in admitting he had no idea that Tampa had been joked about for days. “Uh you know what I haven’t been catching every[thing]. Because, we do cameras so we kind of focus on what we’re doing. But I can hear in the background what he’s doing and I hear the audience saying stuff about it. What has he been saying?” When finally let in on the joke, he didn’t have an opinion any which way. He shrugged it off, and mentioned that “if he said something nice about it, then ehhh.” Humor sells in this day in age, and if he wasn’t funny, then John Stewart would be a news anchor. And when pestered about the man he calls boss, he wasn’t afraid to hold back. “I can never tell if he’s joking….He’s a little left for me. But I think he’s a funny guy.” When asked if Stewart is a “cool guy”, he replied, “He seems to be. He kind of wants to get into his show and get out. You know he’s been doing it this many years, a lot of them are like that.”
And just to wrap everything up, when asked if Stewart has any preshow rituals, he responded with a shake of the head and wittily replied, “But Colbert does!”


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