The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart rags on Tampa

By Sonny Billotte

As most know, Jon Stewart broadcasted his show, The Daily Show, from Tampa this past week during the time the Republican National Convention was taking place. Amid the many jokes the comedian cracked during the filming of the show, a great deal of them were directed at the not-so-glamorous aspects that Tampa is known for.

One cannot help but be curious about how Tampa residents are feeling about Jon Stewart making such stereotypical digs at the City, claiming that it is bug infested with meth labs and strip clubs on every corner. Of course, Stewart is a comedian and anything he says is not exactly meant to be taken too seriously.

A filming of The Daily Show took place on Thursday evening, August 30th at Tampa’s Straz Performing Art’s Center. As hundreds of people arrived to be a part of Stewart’s audience, it was the perfect opportunity to hear some opinions about the way he is portraying the city.

One man who was from the Tampa area described himself as a “huge fan” of Jon Stewart and when asked how he feels about the way Stewart has been speaking of the city he responded with “pretty much everything he says I like!”

Another person who was waiting in line to attend the show was a student at the University of Tampa who is originally from DC. She expressed a similar opinion about Jon Stewarts digs towards Tampa, saying “I think it’s hilarious, it’s all fun and nothing so serious”.

Clearly there are those who are able to take Jon Stewart’s comical criticism for what it is; comedy. However, a crew member who wishes to remain anonymous did express that there are people in the audience who seem to be a little more interested in sticking up for the city they call home rather than laugh along with the jokes.

He mentioned a moment during Wednesday night’s show when a person in the audience asked Jon Stewart if he could “say something nice about Tampa”, which Stewart responded to sarcastically saying “On the air?” Nothing further came of this exchange.

Despite the few people who expressed a small bit of irritation towards Jon Stewart’s comments about Tampa, most of the city’s residents seem to be a fan of him and are taking his mischievous jokes lightheartedly, excited to have the show right here in Tampa.



About sonnybillotte

I am a Journalism major in my Junior year at the University of Tampa. I am from Scituate, Massachusetts.
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