John Stewart Roasts Tampa

By Anna Brown

John Stewart and his seemingly professional use of sarcasm and dry humor brought The Daily Show to Tampa. Audience members, including Tampa locals, sat anxiously in their seats waiting to hear endless comments on the Tampa lifestyle.

Stewart and his correspondents joked about everything from heat to meth labs and of course, the strip clubs. Jason Jones even reported live from the inside of a strip club with a young woman on his lap.

Stewart’s immediate roasting -of course – easily amused residents of Tampa. When asked, South Tampa resident Sean said that all of their jokes and comments were accurate, “We live in a city where we are known for our strip clubs; that’s just asking for attention.”

Other locals on the other hand weren’t so pleased with the comment that John Oliver said about how it is not a “bustling metropolis” anymore, but in fact home to deserted and barricaded homes which are now “filled with meth lab equipment.”

Brandon resident, Chelsea, made a point that for a city hosting the RNC during Obama’s administration Stewart went pretty easy on the jokes, “The Daily Show has definitely been much more harsh at other events and political parties, they seemed to have more fun with what Tampa offered, and Republicans are always fun to make fun of!”

Local fans of The Daily Show embraced the fact that they were temporary punching bags. The RNC is already a thing of the past and Tampa is finally getting back to its normal routine, but now the jokes are onto the DNC in Charlotte.

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