The Daily Show Has All Eyes On Tampa

By: Chelsea McCormick

All eyes have been on Tampa, Florida for the past week due to the city being the host of the Republican National Convention.  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was no exception with drawing much attention to the not so positive characteristics of the city of Tampa.

In several episodes of The Daily Show, the comedic host poked fun at Tampa’s strip-clubs, sticky weather and buggy surroundings.  These comments did not result in the best reactions from Tampa locals.

Jennifer Krantez and Elizabet Dobaa, two Tampa natives and students at the University of South Florida were eagerly waiting outside of The Daily Show on Thursday afternoon.  These two students expressed their love for Tampa and that they would be a little offended if they heard negative comments.  However they did understand that Jon Stewart is a comedian and that it is expected for him to poke fun at his topics of the show.

Krantez claimed that she hadn’t “heard [anything yet] thankfully; but would get offended because [she] is Tampa proud.”  Despite Tampa being a negatively talked about city on The Daily Show Dobba recognized that Jon Stewart “is a comedy performer and they make fun of everybody.”

The women had not heard the negative comments made by the comedian but they would more than likely be surprised and possibly offended when they heard the tearing apart of their hometown once they got inside of the show.  Dobba said that she would not be too upset with the comments made “as long as he is saying to not come to Tampa.”  Although Jon Stewart never said that directly, his implied notions about the city may point to that statement and idea.

The Daily Show has been a successful and enjoyable news source for many people for years.  Most viewers understand and appreciate the humor of Jon Stewart and know that he is a comedian and making people laugh is what he does best.

According to Krantez, Stewart’s “goal is to entertain his audience.”  If individuals are not accepting of that, then they should not tune into the show.  All of the commotion surrounding the comments made about Tampa is just drawing more attention to the city.  Whether it is good attention or bad attention, it is better than going completely unnoticed.

Although The Daily Show may have burned a few bridges with some dedicated locals in Tampa, most individuals know that the show is created to make people laugh and ultimately at the end of an episode and it has probably made some viewers smile at least a couple times.


About chelseamccormick

I am a Junior at University of Tampa and studying Advertising and Public Relations.
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