The Daily Show in Tampa Brings Honey Badger 2012 Campaigners

Allyson Anatra

On August 30, 2012 The Daily Show with Jon Stewart came to the Straz Center in downtown Tampa to inform the public of his comedic version of the news. Many people follow his show religiously, particularly Bryan Roberts and Jason McGuire. McGuire explains, “It seems to be a lot more honest than the regular news.”

Roberts and McGuire are involved in the Honey Badger 2012 Campaign. They arrive at the Straz Center wearing matching “Honey Badger for president 2012” t-shirts both with flyers in one hand and more t-shirts in the other. This campaign is about “creating awareness around real solutions to the serious global issues we all face” as explained on their Facebook page.

This campaign is based around the ever so popular Youtube video, “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger,” with over 50 million views. The video contains clips from national geographic while a man who calls himself “Randall” narrates. Since the video’s release in 2011, it has been referenced in the TV show Glee, used as a motivational tool by the 49ers head coach, and Randall’s narration has been featured in many commercials as well as the TV show Myth Busters.

Bryan Roberts is one of the founders of the Roosevelt 2.0, which is the campaign’s headquarters. He works along side Randall as they try to change the world. Roberts has developed a way to turn hazardous waste into clean and renewable energy. He has named this method, “Cordis,” which is latin for “of the heart.” This campaign is what helps support his invention of a clean energy system.

During the RNC in Tampa, Randall promoted the idea of fighting for a right in vote. He posted a video on Youtube of his experience. In the video he stated, “Here I am a gay narrator who wants to save animals and the planet and humanity. What’s the problem? It’s not that hard.”

The honey badger video is the motivation behind this campaign. The real life honey badger does all the hard work by diving into bee’s nests for larvae and choosing poisonous snakes as their food only to have its scraps snagged by other animals. This campaign is working to find solutions that will benefit everyone in the community just like the honey badger’s hunting skills benefits other animals in the wild.

Roberts and McGuire are attending The Daily Show as fans but their main reason is to promote the Honey Badger 2012 campaign. Their goal is to have Jon Stewart wear one of their t-shirts during one of his shows. Bryan Roberts claims that Jon Stewart’s people are aware of the campaign and have been to the Roosevelt 2.0. Making the public aware of the Honey Badger 2012 campaign as well as getting their support is difficult to achieve but through their website and Facebook page their goal of changing the world seems attainable.


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