Jon Stewart Brings Satire to Tampa Bay

Comedian Jon Stewart spent the RNC hosting The Daily Show right across the bridge at the David A. Straz Jr. Center.  Stewart taped four shows at The Straz Center while in town.  Even though he was tourist in Tampa, Stewart had no problem bashing the city he was visiting.  The political satirist held nothing back when joking about the city.

Stewart is known for his satirical critic, especially when it comes to news media networks and politics.  It is expected of him to criticize the topic he is discussing on his show.  When it came to speaking about the 2012 RNC host, he had plenty to say.

Through out his program Stewart took plenty of jabs at the Tampa Bay area.  He joked about the strip clubs, palmetto bugs, and a problem most people endured…the heat.  A reporter from his show makes the comment, “The Amazon is a bit muggy. This is the land that time forgot.”

Stewart had his correspondents posing at local strip clubs and riding on giant palmetto bugs, but omitted much of Tampa’s beautiful areas of the bay.

After all the hard work and preparation Tampa put into hosting the RNC, is it fair for Stewart to bring down its image?  Fortunately, most people seem to be laughing with the rest of the audience that tune into The Daily Show.

Jennifer Krantz, a Tampa local, reserved her tickets to see Jon Stewart back in July.  Krantz says, “When you’re in a comedy show, and you know the caliber of the things he does, he’s a comedy performer, and they make fun of everybody.”

Another Daily Show audience member adds, “I’m enjoying it thoroughly, it’s hysterical, I don’t mind it at all.”

Luckily, people not from the bay area are understanding that it’s just comedy.  An audience member in town for the RNC from New York said he hasn’t found anything bad about the city.

There was only one problem he came across, “The heat! It’s intense down here.”

Stewart was never saying not to come to Tampa, so poking fun at the city is just part of the job.  The campaign did choose to host the Republican National Convention here, so it seems they’re doing something right.  The fake news show brought a funnier light to Tampa during an exciting week while hosting the Republican National Convention.

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