A Brief Chat with The Daily Show Fans: Politics, Jon Stewart, and First Experiences

BY Zoe Fowler

“The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart came to Tampa, FL to tape during the week of the Republican National Convention. An immeasurable amount of people were in a rush to get in line for the sold out show.

However, Anthony Kraljic wasn’t with the other people, waiting to see the show. He was sitting on the side, glancing at his phone. His ticket reservations didn’t ensure him a seat in the Ferguson Hall.

Kraljic has been watching “The Daily Show” for about three years. He watches it purely for the entertainment, not getting into too much of the political aspect of it all.

When asked about the upcoming election, this is what he had to say:

“This is the first election I thought about not voting.”

Kraljic voted for Obama in the 2008 election. He now claims that Obama has let him down with the bills he has passed, one of those bills being an Anti-Protest bill.

“You’re never going to agree with a candidate on everything, but these are major constitutional issues,” he said.

Even though Obama has been a disappointment to him, he believes that he is the better option.

Kandice White drove from St. Petersburg to experience “The Daily Show” with her friends. It is something that she had always wanted to do. She hopes to bask in the fun, quick-witted humor with good company.

Bud Bodley is from Burbank, CA. He has been working on “The Daily Show” for 2 ½ weeks. The show draws up contracts with him to do data, internet, and phone installation.

Bodley describes Jon Stewart in a few words: quick-witted, fast, and energetic.

“He’s just as funny as he is on camera,” he said.

Kraljic, White, and Bodley all had one thing in common: they enjoy good humor and entertainment.

That’s “The Daily Show” for you!


About zfowler93

First semester sophomore. Journalism major. Appreciates good music, writing, and well-scripted television shows/movies.
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