RNC Ends With The Daily Show

By Ashley James
Over the past week, Tampa has experienced a lot of attention because of the RNC. With all of downtown being shut down and helicopters and security guards occupying the roads, we can all agree that it’s good to have our city back to normal.
One exciting event that occurred during the RNC was The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, held at the Straz Center for performing arts.
Lines ran as long as the parking lot and many people from around Tampa and St. Petersburg came to see the one man who knows how to make news entertaining and fun to watch. But what made hosting this show possible were the people working behind the scenes.
In order for the production of this show to run smoothly Straz called upon a telecommunications company, DuTEL, to help set up equipment such as lights, cameras, sound, and whatever was needed to produce the show. One worker, Bud Bodley, took the time to talk about the job and their role with The Daily Show.
Bodley, from Burbank, CA, was here in Tampa to work with the technical side of The Daily Show. His job consisted of internet data, telecommunication and satellite uplink.
Needless to say he was the man for this job.
He came to Tampa weeks before the RNC started to make sure everything was set for the show. “I enjoy the show” says Bodly.
Although this was a work related visit, Bodly wished that he could spend time to sight see. He gets to travel a lot with his job but he knows that he has a job to do. On the bright side “They paid” says Bodly.
Friday was the last day that The Daily Show was hosted in Tampa and for its last airing it certainly had a great turn out.
The issues discussed we’re stimulating and funny but we wouldn’t expect anything less from Stewart. His jokes on Tampa were not as bad as previous shows but I’m sure Tampa as a whole appreciated that he took the time to actually come out to our very own sunshine state.
This coming week will be the beginning of the DNC at the Charlotte Convention Center in North Carolina. Stewart will also be at the DNC in Charlotte hosting and making jokes for all the world to see and laugh.
So Jon Stewart fans keep a look out!

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