A Few Unlucky Fans at the Jon Stewart Show

By Bri Eveler

Jon Stewart is actually in Tampa. Live for the “RNC.” As word spreads that this iconic night show host is conducting his show in the downtown Straz Theater, close to the University of Tampa, people begin to flock, waiting in line to get in and have their chance to watch a real-live Jon Stewart in action.

Many people bought their tickets ahead of time, but some were not so lucky. Two such people were Mary and Brian Coughlin, who were vacationing in Tampa. The Coughlin’s usually live in New York, and are both fans of Jon Stewart. Although Mary had signed up for an emailing list that would notify her when tickets went on sale, the couple received no news about Jon Stewart’s show. However, when they were out riding their bikes in the downtown area one morning, the couple discovered that Jon Stewart had arrived and they had not gotten their tickets.

Determined to still attend the show, the Coughlin’s talked to a few people at the Straz Theater. One of the security guards informed them that in order to get in, the couple would have to return the next day around 3:30pm and wait on standby to get tickets. The woman assured the Coughlin’s that they would get in, saying that it had worked for many people before them.

Brian and Mary returned the next day at 3:30, but sat waiting for almost two hours, still without a yellow pass. After talking to the head of security, who informed them that less and less people get in each day, the couple began to lose hope that they would get in, they tried to stay optimistic. When asked what the couple thought about Stewart’s less-than-complimentary comments about Tampa, Mary said they were “hilarious” and Brian agreed, saying they were all in “good pure fun.” Brian, being the bigger fan of Stewart, hopes to meet him, and if given the chance, would ask Stewart “How come you don’t have me on your show?” Stewart will be here for a little while longer, hopefully the couple will get their chance to see him.

On the other side of Straz, by the stage door, a different group of people were hanging out. These are the insiders, the cameramen, the crewmen, and the security guards. A cameraman that works exclusively for Jon Stewart is far more privileged than the people who can’t get tickets. However, faced with an opportunity that the Coughlin’s would die for, the cameraman, who wished to remain anonymous, isn’t all that impressed. He doesn’t watch the show, and says that he doesn’t even really pay much attention to what Stewart is saying because he’s so caught up in other aspects of the job. He says Stewart “is a little left-wing” and uses that to explain why he isn’t a big fan.


About brieveler

Attending Unviersity of Tampa, studying Psychology and Journalism.
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