Pleasing Brianna Eveler

By Layla Souchet

“Have faith in me.” These words are tattooed on the back of UT Sophomore Brianna “Bri” Eveler’s back. As if this unique ink didn’t cause her to stand out as it was, sitting in a writing intensive journalism class as a Psychology major certainly did.

After moving to Tampa from Pittsburgh with her family several years ago, Bri attended high school and eventually decided on the University of Tampa as her college, and credits two people in her family for her choice in line of study: her cousin, who works at a psychiatric institute where he deals with patients suffering from an assortment of disorders and her mother.

Always wanting her daughter to have the best in life, Bri’s mom encouraged her to be a doctor. Since she hates blood, Bri decided to study psychology, a line of medicine that has always interested her. Bri has several loans taken out in her name, pays for an apartment and works in a bad part of town just to achieve this dream; however, she has expressed a passion for journalism and dreams of working for Cosmopolitan Magazine as a celebrity columnist.

 After three more years at UT, Bri will be sculpted and ready to go into the world to practice her line of work, which ever it turns out to be.


About laylasouchet

Senior journalism major at the University of Tampa. Loves sports, Italian food and hippos.
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