Journalist Joe Humphrey Hangs Out at Night Clubs on the Job. The Perks of Being a Reporter.

By: Paola Crespo

While working for the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville Florida, Joe Humphrey had the opportunity to cover some interesting stories. These stories just happened to take place at night clubs.

One of the clubs, Club Evolution, turned out to be a front for a drug selling business that was taking place back in 2002. Humphrey was sent in to interview the club’s customers and employees, including the bartender who turned out to be the club owner’s mother.

The other incident was also in 2002 at another club in Jacksonville named Club Liquid. A 23-year-old boxer died after receiving a coma-inducing punch to the chin in his match at the club. Humphrey visited this club for interviews as well.

“It was an interesting way to spend a few evenings,” he said.

Humphrey had to visit these clubs “a couple different nights” to get the full stories. Between the interviews and cracking down the events, there may have also been time for a little enjoyment while he was there.

Not everyone can say that they went to a night club on the job. A cool way to spend an evening indeed.

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