Jessica Keesee: Her Journey in the Journalism Field

By Zoe Fowler

Jessica Keesee, 20, journalism major, began her trek in the journalism field when she was in elementary school. She was on the morning show at Mintz elementary school.

Keesee was the editor-in-chief for her high school’s newspaper Shark Encounter.

“That’s where I really fell in love with Journalism,” she said.

She is now the Associate Editor for the University of Tampa’s newspaper The Minaret. Recently, she and a few editors went to downtown Tampa to cover the RNC. They were able to capture the Westboro Baptists on film, yelling at a participant of the St. Pete Occupy.

Keesee has established herself at The Minaret.  If she could pick any of her favorite pieces that she has written, it would be an opinion piece she did on Troy Davis’s death penalty case.

Although it is a hard hitting piece, she sees herself writing more artsy, entertainment pieces.

“I would love to move to New York to write for Rolling Stone, The New York Times, or Elle Magazine,” she said.


About zfowler93

First semester sophomore. Journalism major. Appreciates good music, writing, and well-scripted television shows/movies.
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