Inked and Ready: Aspiring Journalist Zoe Fowler Looks to the Future

By Jessica Keesee

It took one journalism class during her senior year of high school to inspire Zoe Fowler to lead a life of catwalk reporting, travel writing, and deadlines. A second semester freshman at the University of Tampa, Fowler came to spend her university years immersing herself in all that is journalism.

“I like how [with journalism] you can inform people about things they wouldn’t know otherwise,” Fowler beamed. “I love how you could potentially change the world through journalism.”

Fowler, 19, hails from the Bronx in New York City, where she hopes to move back to once she begins her career.

“In Manhattan, you see these people dressed nice and in busniess suits. They seem important and I want to be important like that one day too,” admitted Fowler.

From a young age, New York City pushed the aspiring journalist to work hard.

“In New York, it’s a really fast paced environment,” said Fowler. “You look around and you see really ambitious people and you feed off of that. I think that’s where I get my drive.”

That ambition and drive has pushed Fowler to work hard at her future career in journalism, which she hopes to jumpstart this year by writing for UT’s student newspaper, The Minaret. Although a small start for Fowler and her big dreams, she sees herself one day writing for such publications as Vogue or National Geographic and becoming the next big thing in the world of journalism.

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