Ashley James: Not Your Ordinary UT Student

By: Danielle Strejc

Born in Massachusettes, raised the majority of her life in Orlando, Florida, and now residing in Tampa, Florida, Ashley James, 18, has set out to follow some big aspirations. As she enters her sophomore year at the University of Tampa, Ashley does not have just any ordinary plans.

Majoring in Communications with a unique minor in Criminology, it is no surprise as to why she merged these two fields together.

“My family has a strong law enforcement background,” she says. “Both my parents are police officers and my cousin works for the FBI.”

However, she insists her family did not push her into the idea of persuing a career in law enforcement.

“I really just like it,” she explains.

James also aspires to one day put her degree in communications to work, as she would like to one day become a news anchor for Good Morning America.

And that’s not it- James has even bigger ambitions she’d like to peruse.

“I love animals,” she says. “One of my personal goals is to open an animal shelter and eventually expand to having two animal shelters- one for dogs and cats and another for exotic animals.”

James hopes to do this by raising money through sponsors.

“I also have a business idea with it,” she says.

Ashley James is filled with ambition and bound for success; perhaps one day we may even begin our mornings with her on Good Morning America.

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