Ally Anatra; Hula Hooping

By Sonny Billotte

Ally Anatra is a Sophomore Writing major attending the University of Tampa. She chose Tampa to get away from the cold weather at home, which is located in Connecticut, and while here she discovered a new, unique hobby; hula hooping.

Hula hooping is a common sight to see while strolling through Plant Park, located on UT’s campus, and that is just where Ally discovered it.

Under the training of two fellow hula hoopers, it took Ally around a month to really get the hang of this interesting hobby; a form of excersice for many. She is, however, still learning new tricks.

Ally started off by using a store bought hula hoop, but eventually she even made her own. By using circular piping held together by melting each end and using electrical tape for decoration, a handmade hula hoop is not as technical as one may imagine.

Since taking up this intersting hobby, Ally has began teaching people at home and even partakes in hula hooping groups at music festivals. Hula hooping is a growing new phenomenon.


About sonnybillotte

I am a Journalism major in my Junior year at the University of Tampa. I am from Scituate, Massachusetts.
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