A Girl Named Danielle

By Ashley James

Danielle Strejc, a junior at the Univerity of Tampa, has a lot to offer here in Tampa. Determination, admiration, and inspiration are just some of the words use to describe her.

From Chicago, Illinois, Strejc has come a long way. Being an only child, she didn’t have any idea of what she wanted to do or where she was going in life. She started community college at the age of twenty and it was at Moraine Valley Community College where Strejc started to fine herself and pursue a degree in communications with a minor in PR.

Strejc is the first in her family to go to college and move away from Chicago. She states ” I was the first person to want to do something different” and that she did.

Far away from her home in Chicago, Strejc stays true to herself and always remembers not be afraid to go after what she wants. When asked what was something she lives by Strejc stated, ” Don’t be afraid to try anything.” If more people understood that and lived by that saying, they could go the distance; just like a girl named Danielle.

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