By Anna Brown

Wilmington native Chelsea McCormick is an AD/PR major at the ever popular, University of Tampa. She resides in a comfortable apartment behind the happiest and loudest of places: Macdinton’s.

With an eye for fashion and a hand for writing, Chelsea hopes to fulfill her dream of working in public relations for fashion.

During the long 4 months that separates spartan students from Tampa, Chelsea received an opportunity to work for a company called South Moon Under. This up and coming high-fashion store is located in Washington D.C. and is blossoming to Maryland and even New York City!

Chelsea headed the company’s social media and did plenty of marketing (she even got some discounts here and there)! South Moon Under dressed and decorated pretentious, yet well-mannered houswives (as seen on T.V.) with brands such as Michael Kors and Free People.

May of next year, Chelsea will be leaving beautiful Tampa and her fellow SDT sisters with a sad heart, but also an overwhelming sense of achievement and so many unforgettable experiences. Watch out fashion world, you’ve got a writer on your hands!

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